HMFF 华茂一楼 // First Floor

HMFF 华茂一楼 // First Floor is a Nanjing based independent art space, which also functions as an artists collaborative. The space was founded in January 2012 by Nanjing based artist Gao Lei, Peng Tao, Sheng Jianfeng, Chen Jie, Bian Ka and the iRRi ART members Mathias Wölfing and Nora Gantert. Since its inauguration the space has become a vivid platform for experimental art in Nanjing.


For | boxes | zones quarters HMFF will conduct a project in Nanjing, involving the member’s everyday living surroundings. Everyone will choose one location she/he is walking by every day to conduct a small happening, installation or performance. The documentation will be displayed in Morocco.