Born 1948, lives and works in Freiburg i.Br., Germany
Edwin Gantert is a photographer and writer, who had several solo shows in Germany. His interest in Marseille made him an attentive observer of the city for a long time, the pictures that resulted from this engagement were published in “Izzo’s Marseille” as illustrations for Izzo’s stories. In his “Schwarz-Wald-Weiß” project he observes his often romanticized home and manifests a black and white abstract idea of this area in southern Germany. In connection with his own writing and additional Japanese haikus his works have a poetic depth.




For | boxes | zones quarters Edwin will present a new work cycle, which deals with his chosen home town Freiburg and its city dynamics. The terms center and periphery are what the artist is concerned with in regards to his living environment. The work consists of pictures and texts.