Daniela EHEMANN and Carron LITTLE

Daniela Ehemann is born in Erlangen, studied Philosophy and Fine Arts at the University of Arts in Berlin and completed with her MFA. She advanced her working abilities with a lecture degree for theatre 2012. 
Daniela Ehemann taught part time at the University of Fine Art in Berlin, worked in Cooperations with the University of Art and Design, Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, and gave lectures at the Goethe Institute or the Columbia College, Chicago.
 She exhibits nationally and internationally, her work has been shown in Berlin, Munich, N.Y. and Chicago, at the Museum of Art in Bruno and the Museum of Art in Caracas.
 She reached several supports like residencies and grants from the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, the Berlin Senat, Three Walls and Ragdale, Chicago, as well as institutional support from the IFA, Berlin and the Goethe Institute Chicago. She lives and works in Berlin.




Carron Little is an interdisciplinary artist working on a citywide project entitled City Alive With Dreams for Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in the US. Little studied at Goldsmiths‘ College, London University, U.K. and did her MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduating in 1999. Her practice is predominantly performed in public sites engaging directly with the public. Little founded and coordinates the public performance series Out of Site, Chicago.




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spported by Erin Babbin and Michael Sullivan, contribute


A Hitchhike To Utopia
“Do not forget your towel! The performance A Hitchhike To Utopia was an evolution of the performance entitled Cities of a Floating World developing a resort of otherness. Dealing with the ideas of an “occupied space” in an urban context with specific reference to Chicago and Berlin “occupied” with modernist architecture and forms, this performance developed a resort for utopian architectural ideas. “Female Drag Queen Moon Rackers” worked through occurring structures as well as surprising happenings. The Female Drag Queen Moon Rackers performed whilst sitting on two islands and found a way to adapt new forms of thinking about our cityscapes with the audience. Hitchhiking to Utopia transported the viewer through experiences of unreal scenes in the middle of urban Chicago to create new models for co-existence.”


This was a three hour durational public performance for Brave New Art World curated by Dfbrl8r on September 5 2013.