Rachid Kallamni – Born in New York City on July 28th 1983. Grew up between NYC and Casablanca, Morocco.


Rachid’s art is often about choosing a route or path that is part of our everyday life and society. Sometimes these paths are complicated, but eventually you find your way — or maybe you don’t and chose to give up at a dead end…….or not even start. But there’s always a route to the solution – nothing is insoluble.


“After moving to Morocco in 2010 I developed a style of art known as Mazism which is a 21st century avant-garde style of art characterized chiefly as a basic problem solving exercise through the utilization of Mazes. Avant grade means new and experimental ideas in the arts so it is appropriate to say that there is an avant-garde movement in Morocco right now….. with art, journalism, music , dance etc…. and  it is important I emphasize that as much as possible. People were not allowed to freely express themselves artistically during the lengthy and turbulent rule of Hassan the 2nd. His Son and current king Mohamed the 6th is an art enthusiast and is encouraging artist in Morocco to create, innovate and thrive. Morocco will remain my base for it is so full of inspiration and creation.”