| boxes | zones quarters is on the one hand an open residency project with a participatory approach not just for artists, but for erveryone who wants to join, work, discuss and exchange with us.

On the other hand | boxes | zones quarters is an exhibition project. Carefully collected and selected art pieces from artists all around the world are enriching the site specific shows and give an outside perspective on the topic to be discussed.



Saïd AFIFIFranco ARCIERI, Rouzbeh AKHBARI, Daniela EHEMANN/ Carron LITTLE,    Edwin GANTERT, HMFF 华茂一楼// First Floor, Rachid KALLAMNI , Felix KALMENSON, Elle KURANCID, Mohammed LAOULI, 李子灃 // LI Zifeng, 刘格灵 // LIU Geling and 张磊 // ZHANG Lei, Salah MALOULI, Ash MONIZ, Trevor Lloyd Morgan, Ana BAUMGART and Ina SCHOOF, Ghita SKALI, Katie SWITZER, Tang Guo 汤国, Benjamin WÖLFING