Huge thank yous and flowers to:

Aaron Moniz for the never ending energy you gave to us and the project!

Hana Tefrati and Siyam Alaoui for her warm welcome and support in Marrakech – Priscilla rocks!

Tarek Bouali for the friendly help and technical support!

Elisabeth Piskernik for the wonderful event in Le Cube, Rabat!

Salah Malouli and Mohammed Rahmo for everything!

Sophia Maier for support during the exhibition in Les Abattoires!

Fayssal Ayouz-Sanhaji for the documentation of the exhibitions!

Mariangela Sglavo for taking pictures and supporting the project!Taleb Bensouda for help and support!

Marie Moignard for her support!

Kalyanny Hay for interesting conversations and techincal support!

Kenza Belahnech for her support!

Abla Aloui-Soce for translating!

Mina Kabe, Ashraf Badour, and and and and and

…send flowers and thank yous to all of you! Without your supprt and friendship | boxes  | zones quarters would not have been possible!





Supported by:
Priscilla queen Off the medina / Roche Noire / CAS – Casablanca American School / La Fabrique Culturelle de les Abattoirs / Le Cube / MOMENTUM Worldwide / Le Musée de la Fondation d’Abderrahman Slaoui / 18, derb el ferrane




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