Ana Baumgart (born 1986) and Ina Schoof (born 1982) studied together under Prof. Suse Wiegand at FH Bielefeld. The two have worked together on conceptual video projects since 2009. In their works they construct rules to approach unknown traditions, distant lands and strange social structures. They use the unknown as stage.
Ana Baumgart curates the exhibition space “Raum für drastische Maßnahmen” in Berlin, Ina Schoof works as freelance photographer. Both live and work in Berlin.


For | boxes | zones quarters Baumgart and Schoof contribute “I guess you don’t know me 05” a multi channel video projection produced in Morocco 2011/2012.


„The desert is a reduced space. A non-space. A blank space which seems to be full of possibilities due to its transcendent reality. A stage.
The net in the desert is our tool to create a connection between a world of ideas and the reality. We are constructing unknown worlds. The net and the desert – an absurdity.“